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Our Team

James Zhong Gao 

Chairman and founder of Clean Water Alliance. Born in a doctor’s family with strong Chinese tradition in Beijing, James Zhong Gao was greatly influenced by his parents’ life long dedication and enthusiasm to the sick and weak. His middle name Zhong (Chinese:ÖÐ; pinyin: zh¨­ng) refers to the core of Chinese classical philosophy --- the principle of balance. During his early time, he was trying to pursue the balance between his dream and reality. The legendary experience as a blue-collar worker, staff officer, customs officer, project manager, senior adviser, columnist, TV presenter, professor, president and Chairman, philanthropist always allows him to scrutinize the life in different angles. As the country manager for several Fortune 500, James Zhong is an expert in investment, trade, business for petroleum, electricity and waterwork, an expert on environment and waterwork, a senior advisor for World Bank, UN, IWA and the Ministry of Construction of China. He stands at a busy center, travels around the world looking for the balance between the east and west cultures. Since a decade ago, he has dedicating to help the people without safe drinking water in China and seek the harmonious between man and nature, the top-level ideal for Chinese scholars. James Zhong will not stop, ever.

James Zhong earned his Bachelor of Economics in University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, China and MBA in IMD, Swizerland. He is an avid reader, and enjoys playing golf.

Yu Qiao

Yu Qiao is a famous song writer in China. He writes songs which, are distinctly Chinese: plain, concise, with the simple real life and the aroma of earth. As a productive song writer he has created thousands of songs. Among them, Let's Pull on Our Oars, My Motherland, Unforgettable Tonight, Missing, Song of Peony are widely known by Chinese people.

Born in 1927 in Jining City, Shandong, Qiao Yu graduated from the Northern University in 1946 as a Chinese major and has since engaged in music creation. Qiao has recorded in his lyrics his love for the country and its people. “I viewed my lyrics as a homemade meal, simple clothes, and a small but comfortable courtyard."

He was elected chairman of the Chinese Association of Literature and Music seven times. He once served as president of the China Opera and Dance Drama Theatre and was a member of the 8th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

Advisory Board

Xinshi Zhang, a member of standing committee of CPPCC, an academician of Chinese Academy of Science, earned doctor degree in Ecology, Cornell University, US.

Prof. Zhansheng Wang, an expert on water supply and drainage, TsingHua University.

Xueli E, head of Water Quality Test Center, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Xiaodong Xu, director of Research Office, Environment & Resources Conservancy Council, NPC

Yisheng Shao, vice Chairman & secretary-general, China Water Association.

Xianlin Zeng, former minister of Light Industry.

Michael Russ, co-founder of Clean Water Alliance, former President of International Water Association (IWA)Mr. Micheal Russ, professor of Oxford University.

Yusheng Wang, vice Chairman, Beijing Municipal Association of Science & Technology.

Yongjiang Gu, former Chairman of China Resources (Holdings) Co., Ltd., former deputy minister of China Foreign Trade.

Prof. Fuxing Li, China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care.

Dazhu Liu,Ex-Director of General Office of National Audit Office of PRC.

Lide Wang,Senior Inspector and Supervisor of Central Discipline Inspection Commission.

Jinbo Xu,Ex-Vice director of China Petrochemical (SinoPec) Press.