About CWA
Clean Water Alliance (CWA) envisions the clarity of Yellow River and the tranquility of sea (Chinese: 海晏河清; pinyin: hǎi yàn hé qīng) ---means peace and prosperity ---all people have the opportunity to succeed because their basic water, sanitation and health needs have been met.
Clean Water Alliance is an NGO in China, acting as a centre of expertise in water, dedicated to preventing and controlling water pollution, raising the public awareness by promoting water environmental protection so as to improve the drinking water quality and accelerate the reform of China Water Management System.
Core Value
Clean Water Alliance values equitable opportunities, collaborative and inclusive processes. We recognize and accept differences in cultural and religious processes. We believe based on the efforts of experts, professionals and public participation, the sustainable water supply in China will be achieved.
Guiding Principles
Ensuring innovativeness and creativity Enabling environment and transparency Evolve sustainability plans Enlisting people’s co-operation and participation
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